The world is filled with conflict: inner conflict within ourselves, between family and friends, intra-company, within communities, and among nations. While there will always be turmoil and conflict in this world, there are so many opportunities to show individuals, families, companies, leaders and nations how they can live happier, more peace-filled lives.

Impacting Paradigms was born out of a desire to help create positive and dynamic shifts in how people respond to and process conflict.  Our purpose is to inspire hope and growth by showing people how to embrace conflict in a very healthy and appropriate way.  Our goal is to teach people that conflict is normal and provides an opportunity to become stronger, more positive and be a force for good within ourselves, in our families, neighborhoods, companies, and thus, our world.


Annie M. Dutton, M.A. | Founder

- M.A. Conflict Resolution & Reconciliation
- Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP) certified Facilitator
- Financial Coach (Ramsey's Solutions Financial Coach Master Trainer)
- Civil & Family Mediation Certificates for State of Texas

Annie started her career in Information Technology and has worked with small and medium businesses, public agencies, and Fortune 50 companies.  

In 2009, she received her Master’s in Conflict Resolution & Reconciliation.  While she continued to work full-time, she began using this new skill set conducting civil and family mediations as a volunteer mediator for court-mandated mediations.  She found fulfillment in being able to help people better communicate and understand each other in ways that they had not been able to prior.

Nearly ten years after starting and completing her masters and seeing a vision for how corporate culture can help those they employ thrive while increasing productivity, she decided to exit the corporate world and create Impacting Paradigms.  

She passionately believes that there is a way to engage in business and politics where toxic communication and competition can be eliminated.  Her goal is to work with leaders in the corporate and public service arenas to be part of the solution and to return to a sense of humanity and decorum to conversations; and as a result, to create more communities and companies filled with people who thrive.

In her spare time, Annie enjoys walking her husky, doing yoga / dance classes, reading (mostly non-fiction), painting (well, attempting), and spending time with friends and family.