Foundations of Respect

The past couple weeks in the U.S. has seen news filled with divisiveness and hatred from all walks of the political spectrum.  Individual social media posts have reflected much of the same as people have taken positions.   

It is so difficult in highly charged situations to withhold blame and engage in respectful ways.  To not retaliate.  Ideally, those who lead would help model this.  In the absence of such, the onus remains on each person to do so. 

This, in addition to other conversations I’ve had and material I’ve engaged in, prodded me to dig into some of the ways we demonstrate and show respect to others:

  • Listen

  • Encourage

  • Acknowledge

  • Expresses appreciation

  • Honor / enforce confidentiality

This list simply is an initial list, and I am sure you have ideas that can be added here.  None of these enlist agreement with someone else. They all demonstrate curiosity to understand and value of the other person.  These are foundational for communication – especially when we disagree.