Perspective from podcasts

I’ve been traveling quite a bit lately – mostly via car, which lends many hours to road noise.  To overcome the rhythm of the tires on blacktop, I’ve been listening to podcasts – mostly non-fiction.  

Something that has struck me repeatedly is how much depth we miss in our world of tweets, headlines, and five-to-seven second attention spans.  There are stories I thought I knew but have been reminded that rarely does 360 degrees of understanding convey in five-to-seven seconds.  Or even in 90 seconds.  Some of the historical podcasts I’ve been listening to are hours long. Yet, I only remember snippets of the story ever being in the media.  And the additional context paints another panel to that shifts perception of the event and of the people involved.

How frequently do you make a judgment of someone?  When was the last time you were on the receiving end of a snap judgment by someone else? How could pausing to ask more questions help to unveil more truth about the situation?