Communication | What might your actions imply?

All forms of disagreement, negotiation and conflict are communication.  We too often put these in a separate box from communication and set that box on the shelf. 

Conflict is as normal as drinking water.

There may be unintended consequences at work (and in our personal lives) when we do not seek to rewire our approach to conflict.

When it comes to disagreements, negotiations and conflict, if you consistently:


  • Avoid, others may think: You don’t care / you hypersensitive.

  • Yield, others may think:  You are not a critical thinker / are disengaged.

  • Must win at all costs, others may think:  You are not easy to work with / uncooperative.

  • Retailate, others may think:  You set traps for others / are not trustworthy.

  • Display anger, others may think:  You are unpredictable / controlling.

  • Demean others, others may think:  You are cruel / think you are better than others.

  • Hide emotions, others may think:  You are aloof / are not authentic.

  • Self-criticize, others may think:  You have unreasonable standards / are judgmental of others.

Disagreements and conflicts are normal.  You can learn to approach them with confidence.