Differences of morality? 

I have come across a lot of posts and comments across social media recently that state a one-sided opinion with some variation of: “We don’t have differences in opinion, we have differences in morality.”  This is followed by a person stating that they have cutoff communication with those who hold a perceived counter view.

Blacklisting others based on perceived motives of others is a spark that can too easily grow.  It can lead us to war: one blacklist at a time.

I challenge each of us to step into these highly charged and emotional situations with curiosity to understand why someone’s position is different from ours: What are their fears and concerns?  

Have a face-to-face conversation.

It doesn’t mean we have to agree, but we must not presume intent and motive of those with different positions.

If we want a better world.  We have to look deeper and understand each other.  We share too many fears and concerns to isolate each other.

-       Annie