National leadership matters

“Leaders who don’t listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say.” – Andy Stanley
“So goes the leader, so goes the nation / organization.” - Unknown

I am disheartened by what I hear President Trump saying and by the high turnover in his administration.  I am concerned by his example to speak in ways that are unkind, harsh, demeaning, and one-upping others to win at all costs.

These behaviors are known to escalate conflict and damage relationships.

These observations are not Democratic, Republican or Libertarian.  The observed words, tone and engagement with others uses behaviors that are known to be destructive.  They do not build consensus, goodwill nor peace.

Being able to show integrity and respect for others EVEN in the midst of disagreement is the issue.  How our President engages with other world leaders is a standard that we should not compromise. 

We don’t have to agree – but we must retain decorum.  If decorum has been forgotten, there are people who can help equip on the constructive skills that can replace the destructive behaviors.