Work Cultures Part 2 (of 3)

I worked for a company once where I felt so uncomfortable sharing anything about my personal life that when I had a death in the family, I didn’t feel that it was okay to share.  And was penalized for a mistake made during that week.  It was stressful. And I became resentful.  

Some organizations become so accustomed to their culture that they don’t realize how disengaged their employees are.  Top leaders of companies want results and don’t always have time to focus on a building a culture where people feel whole and fully engaged. 

However, if you have ever worked in a role where you felt valued and cared for as a person, you know how dedicated you were to the people and to the job.  

Employees who feel valued, trusted, integrity is never compromised, and their opinions matter are employees who tend to be incredibly engaged and deliver superior quality to the customer.