Respondent feedback to HR

In the same survey referenced yesterday where 58% of Respondents said that their HR organizations were “not at all helpful” to them in resolving a workplace conflict, Respondents were able to provide input on what could have been done better by their HR organizations to help resolve issues.  Here are recurring themes from their input:

  • Work with me to find a solution, rather than simply telling me, "That's the way it is." 
  • Provide practical steps to make things better.
  • Unbiasedly investigate the situation / Remain neutral while gathering all the facts.
  • Engage vs. just documenting different facts.

Research shows that conflict at work increases risks, increases litigation, results in time off of work, and decreases productivity.  Early intervention is easier to manage than mitigating a crisis or spending money to correct risks that were overlooked.  

Let me know if I can help you better understand your organization and uncover hidden behaviors that your team may not feel comfortable sharing with you directly.