Data on Employee Engagement & Trust

Data gathered by EY found that just 38% of American workers trust the company they work for.

In addition, they saw:

  • Just 46% of U.S. workers have a great deal of trust in their colleagues and 
  • Only 50% trust their boss.

One of the most important lessons I have learned in life (there are many) involves several components:

  • The way I see and interpret the world is vastly different from that of other people.
  • Other’s view of things does not negate my own, but often enhances it.
  • Some of the best solutions are found by contribution of all authentic perspectives.
  • Humility and grace are often required on my part to remember this and encourage others to speak.
  • And maybe the most difficult of these components for me: Sometimes I need to change my thinking, openness or approach (hence the need for my own humility).


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