One personal insight from failure

Yesterday I shared my recent struggle with failure and my associated sensitivity to others’ success (embarrassing to admit).  It really got me thinking that this is similar to many conflicts we face in life. 

Nearly every conflict we experience in life is because of our current circumstances, perspective and the associated mental messages passing through our minds. Many of the disagreements we have with others and the dislike we sometimes feel towards others is really more about us than anything someone else has said or done. 

While it is vulnerable and sometimes emotional, sitting still with our thoughts and being authentic and honest with ourselves can sometimes be the quickest path to clarity and resolution.  


P.S. In full disclosure, I have not yet figured out a solution to my current failure.  I suppose that leads to a second lesson: sometimes answers are less than instantaneous so keep moving forward.  One step will lead to the next.

Struggling with failure

For the past several weeks, I’ve been struggling with both recognizing and owning my own failure. Before sharing this with some friends, I found that I was more sensitive to successes of others – seeing others’ success as a comparison against my current situation, which then only heightened the growing sense of “lack” that I felt.

I’m being open about this for two reasons.  1. I don’t think the world authentically shares their failures in the moment.  2. Even if privately, I want to encourage you to share your struggles and failures with those you trust.

Once I shared with my circle, I found that they were able to help me process what was happening and ensure that I was separating what I’m facing from my identity.  And, as a result of “shedding light on this truth”, the angst I felt when seeing and hearing about the success of others began to evaporate.