Eagerness or disregard

Recently I participated in a discussion with someone who kept interrupting me. At first the interruptions seemed like eagerness. The more it was done, I found myself getting both irritated by it and curious about the reason they were doing so.  It would be easy to make presumptions about their reasoning for doing so, however, that would also be unproductive.  Nonetheless, the constant interruptions felt like disregard.

In this particular situation, what I realized is that they may have perceived that my motives were not sincere.  Taking the time to explain my motives and intentions did deviate from the agenda. However, doing so helped us to achieve the goal.

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel disregarded, take a moment to reflect on the bigger picture and consider what the other person may be perceiving.  Then ask them questions about what you perceive.  It may result in a much more collaborative solution.