I’ve been reading some material recently on the idea of re/entry after a major life transition.  I like the concept of re/entry because it lends itself to a deliberate, focused process.  It reminds us that sometimes we need to go slow to fully acclimate ourselves. 

Often, we want to rush. Rush into a new job.  A new project.  A new relationship.  Rushing may enable us to miss key information or risks.  

Give yourself permission to walk, not run through the process.


Transitions are necessary in life and in work.  It is an obvious statement that we better embrace transitions that we choose and struggle more with those that choose us.  When we feel that a transition chose us, it can create internal pressure that begins to push against those around us.

When you notice the struggle with a transition, it can be helpful to answer:

  • What might you be holding onto that you do not want to let go of?

  • Is there anything about this situation that is similar to prior situations?  If so, what worked then?  What did not work as well?

  • What may you see as a potential loss that may be a gain?

  • What goal do you want to reach and what needs to be sacrificed to achieve it?

  • If you put this situation into its full content, placed it on a platform, then stepped back from it 100 feet, what new insight can you see?